Andros Car Rental

Rental Cars for all Andros routes

Andros Car Rental

We ensure comfort on all Andros routes

Andros Car Rental agency, specializes in personalized car rental services in Andros, offering modern, well-maintained and safe cars for your every move.

Our goal is with our rental cars to live your holidays in Andros like a local

Our vision is to offer constantly targeted and personalized car rental services in Andros for every visitor, in order to always enjoy carefreeness, comfort and safety


Small & Flexy

Οικονομική και ευέλικτη καηγορία για ευκολία και ιδιωτικότητα



Μεσαία κατηγορία για άνεση και χαλάρωση, σε οικονομικές τιμές και μεγάλες επιλογές



Οικονομικά και ευέλικτα, επιλέγοντας ένα απο τα σύγχρονα SUV μας, σας πάνε όπου…πάτε !!

What we offer

We provide you with the best car rental experience in Andros

We are locals who love and know our place well and we want the visitors of the island to enjoy moments and holidays like locals as well.

We remain constantly by your side during your holidays in Andros, with advice suggestions and ideas for attractions, beaches, routes and gastronomic delights.


New & Safe cars


Low prices and offers


Instant delivery / collection


Unlimited kms & full extra

Get to know Andros and its awesome routes

High quality car rental services in Andros, at low prices

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